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The British Museum is simply one of the world's greatest collections of human culture and history going from ancient to modern times. It opened in 1759 and has grown steadily ever since. Currently the Museum has over 13 million objects in its permanent collection with the world's largest database of online objects. The collection was divided into the Natural History Museum in 1887 and the British Library in 1997. It is estimated that less than 1% of the collection is on public display at any given time spread out through 100 galleries. It remains the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside of the Museum in Cairo. In 2000, the central square of the Museum was covered creating the Elizabeth II Great Court. Among other works of art displayed there is a massive marble statue of a lion thought to be over 2,000 years old

There remains a great deal of controversy around many pieces that are here. However the British Museum maintains it is the rightful legal owners of these works and are well suited to take care of these priceless artifacts of human life.


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British Museum

British Museum London - Travel England
Britsh Museum London - Travel England
British Museum London England Travel
  British Museum - Travel England - London
British Museum
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