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Imagine if one of the greatest archaeological finds of treasure and historical objects was found in your backyard. The Prettys, who owned property near Woodbridge, Suffolk, had exactly that happen to them in 1939. With the involvement of the Ipswich Museum the widow of Colonel Frank Pretty hired an archaeologist to excavate some burial mounds on her property. It was discovered that there were two Anglo-Saxon 6th and 7th century cemeteries with remarkable artifacts left untouched. In cemetery one, there was a complete ship burial intact with all of manner of treasure and objects discovered.

Many of the original finds are now in the British Museum in London. However on the banks of the River Deben one can visit the 255 acre property which includes the burial mounds, Pretty's Edwardian House, reconstructed treasures as well as original artifacts dating back to the original owners. The National Trust oversees the visitor's center and exhibition hall opened in 2002.

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