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The Tower of London, or Her Majesty's Royal Palace & Fortress, was built by ruling Normans when they consolidated their control over England in 1066. The River Thames and Roman defensive walls were used to protect the castle complex on two sides while two outer walls and a moat were built to create a place of refuge over the centuries for various monarchs. The White Tower built in 1078 served as a royal residence whenever contemporary events warranted a more secure accommodation or for royal ceremonial events. However the Tower has served the country and its monarchy ever since in numerous ways. At one time or another it has housed the Royal Mint, menageries, armory, treasury, etc. It is widely known and visited these days as the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom which have been on display to the public since 1669.

The Tower also has become known for those who died within its walls including two of Henry VIII's six queens. However until WWI and WWII, only seven people were ever executed within the grounds of the Towers. It is also been widely-held for centuries that two of the Yorkist Princes were killed by their uncle, who seized the throne, while secreted somewhere in the Towers. Scholars continue to determine their unknown fate.

The Tower Bridge is just downstream from the modern London Bridge. There has been a bridge on the London Bridge site for over 2,000years. The current bridge was opened in 1973 after the old London Bridge was relocated to Lake Havasu Arizona USA. The Tower Bridge was completed and officially opened in 1896 and is frequently mistaken as for the London Bridge. It's structures allows it to be raised for taller ships to pass through going up the Thames.

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Tower of London

Tower Bridge London - Travel England
Tower Bridge London  - Travel England
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