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London, so ancient yet so modern. It is not suprising that this city is the world's most popular destination. After all it has the world's premier museums and the city itself is an architectural museum without parallel.

Parts of London are poshly elegant and slightly snooty, while blocks away, the colorful street markets are teeming with everything and everybody imaginable.

London is the multicultural meeting place of the world - European, Asian, African American and Australian. Britain did not lose its empire, they just moved to London. One minute you are in the Caribbean, the next in India, then off to Chinatown or Little Arabia. On the street you are as likely to hear Italian, Japanese or Spanish as English. London belongs as much to the world as it does to the British.

Yet above else, London is still all about English tradition. From Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Big Ben and the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, boating on the Thames, black cabs, red phones and double-decker busses. London figures out how to do it right, then it just keeps on doing it - year after year, century after century.

In London a pub sign is not a sign, it is a painting - and a painting about some great person or place that made the Empire great. History is everwhere, on every building, every square and every pub.

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