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Travel England Top 10 is a travel guide as well as a tribute to one of the most fascinating and charming destinations to which a traveler may ever wander. Steeped in tradition and history, England is a shinning example of the finest achievements of mankind. From its grandest castle to its most modest cottage, England defines elegance and good taste.

England is also at peace with nature. Its green rolling countrside has been lovingly manicured, neatly divided by hedgerows ensuring that for century after century not a single sheep would stray from his appointed pasture.

England's rugged coastline is a constant reminder that this is a people wedded to the sea. They are the masters of sailing, be it from their great wooden boats of old or their modern cruiseliners. It is from the sea, they have conquered and been conquered.

England's museums are absolutely the finest in the world. Indeed, much of the world's antiquities can be seen at the British Museum. But you will also want to visit the Victoria and Albert (also known as the V&A), the National Museum, the several Tate Galleries of Art, and the Science Museum - all of which have free admission.

No matter where you go on the island, you will always find the friendly English pub with its variety of ales, Sunday roasts (called carvery) and often European and American cuisine as well.

And the English are as urbane as any society that ever was. Their scientists have unlocked the mysteries of the universe. Their authors, poets and musicians have mesmerised the world with their wit and visions. They have entertained us with voyages into magical realms and fortified our courage with stories of men and women who waged tireless battles of good over evil, teaching us right from wrong, whist raising God onto his throne and casting the Devil unto his dungeon.

All too perfect to be true? Well, of course. England is also a place that suffers from the same modern social problems that you will find anywhere else. Mixed in with the world's most beautiful architecture, you will also find kitsch and decay.

But worry not - that is what we are here for. Our goal is to guide you to the best of the best, with sharp detours around that which fails the highest standards of this proud and noble land - The Kingdom of kingdoms, the fairy land of your dreams, the world's favourite destination.

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