8. Lake District


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9. Norwich Coast
10. Kent

With so many wonderful destinations to choose from the traveler may feel a bit overwhelmed in planning a trip to England. That is why we have narrowed our site to just ten, knowing that very few people will make it to even half of those. Indeed many visitors don't make it beyond London.

Obviously London has an enormous amount to see. Nonetheless, we highly recommend getting out of London for at least some of your trip. For one thing, London can be a bit exhausting. Even a couple of hours at the British Museum can have you walking in circles and seeing stars. So much history and so much humanity have a way of depleting your energy.

The Cotswolds are picture perfect ochre colored stone villages that are spread out through lovely countrside. In the Cotswolds one can soak up English culture and tradition and relax and the the same time. The area is well established with fine hotels, bed and breakfasts and shops.

York is bit further but it has the largest existing medieval city in England along with a wide variety of shops, dining options all towered over by the York Minster.

Both Oxford and Cambridge are rich in culture and tradition and are only an hour from London by train. They are two of the finest universities in the world and have been for centuries. The archetecture is sublime and the student lifestyle is at bicycle pace.

Devon, Cornwall and the Norwich Coast are favourite beach holiday destinations for the English and well worth enjoying if you have time.

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6. Cornwall
5. Oxford
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3. York
2. The Cotswolds
1. London
7. Devon
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