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The Cotswolds is arguably the finest example of the English countryside, although there are so many lovely areas in England that such a claim is bound to set off a spirted debate. Suffice it say that the The Cotswolds is simply gorgeous with wonderful ochre colored stone villages that sprung up during a time when wool was king. The sheep are still here but probably today they are more likely to end up on the table of the area's many fine restaurants and hotels.

The region extends from Oxford to the east, Cheltenham to the west, Bath to the south and Stratford-Upon-Avon to the north. Given that Oxford is only 60 miles from the London city centre, that means The Cotswolds are easily added to a visit that might include London, Oxford, Bath and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The list of towns and villages in The Cotswolds worth seeing is rather extensive, however to name a few - Chipping Camden, Broadway, Stroud, Stow-On-The Wold, Moreton and Bourton-On-The Water.

The Cotswolds is one of those places that is as much an attitude as it is a location and you need to be sure to take the time breathe deeply and soak it up. It is worth visiting year around but make sure you are dressed warmly in the winter as temperatures are typically around 5 degrees (45 fairenheit). During the spring and summer be sure to visit Hidcote Manor Garden, one of the best English gardens. It is located just north of Chipping Camden and is a must for any garden lover.

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The Cotswolds

Cotswolds - Travel England
Chipping Campden Cotswolds England
Chipping Campden Cotswolds England
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Burton on the Water Cotswolds England
Cotswolds England
Hobbit House Cotswolds England
Chipping Campden - splendid stone work
Bourton On The Water
Chipping Campden High Street
Chipping Campden's Old Market Square
Bilbo Baggin's Hobbit House
One of Broadway's many shops